Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Team of Professionals

In the past 5 days I've only had to work one of them, due to scheduling preferences for vacation-time. But, I'll be scheduled for the next 5 days straight, to compensate. This line of work, caregiving in Assisted Living, can be very tough on an older woman like myself.

Just in the past couple of monthes two of my favorite workers had to leave due to bone spurs and rotator cuff problems. They experience permanent disability.

I've been fortunate to use good body mechanics all my life, and to be physically fit, but I am wearing down, and the arthritis in my neck is really putting on a protest.

So, I got my neck X-rayed, to see the extensiveness of the damage, and it was all there. Even without any understanding of X-rays, I could see two of the lower vertebrae fused together, fuzzy, not solid...looks like portaging canoes for the past 5 years has smashed the cartilege down to smitherines.

The X-ray tech concurred with my observations, and whispered a few details about getting an MRI. She's not supposed to disclose information, but she did. I went to my physical therapist after that, and got a deep-tissue massage and had my head put in traction to releave some of the pressure. I guess chiropractic is out, now, and my doctor will explore other options in September, when I come back from vacation.

Meantime, I've got exercises to do, and a heating pad for the shoulders.


marrie said...

I hope you feel better, bonita, I know it is very unpleasant to live with chronic pain.

Are you going somewhere on vacation?

Bonita said...

We'll be heading over to Montana to have a family reunion.

GUYK said...

Yep. I know the felling and it ain't a good one. I crawl out of bed in the morning and groan while I do some stretching exercises such as putting on a pair of socks or trying to get up off the throne in the bathroom. Takes a quart of hot strong black coffee just to get me started.

Sweetingthing told me this morning I was going to have to rename my blog to grummp because there wasn't a damn thing charmin' about me today. I grinned and said, I reckon.

viktorianluvbug said...

Thankyou for the kind words Bonita!
Thankyou for the pictures and the stories. I have had to miss all these events because walking and standing are too painful.Seeing your pictures made me feel up to date on the things to see.I know that I have missed out on so much.Thankyou!

Bonita said...

Viktorianluvbug - we are all missing out - wasn't it great while it lasted!