Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Foraged Meal - Dandelions and Chickweed

Chickweed Soup and a Dandelion Sandwich.  Veggies from the garden.  Not shown, Dandelion Coffee and home-made applesauce.
Chickweed is abundant now in the garden.  My chickens love it, and so do we!

Canning Japanese Pickles

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Roasted Veggies, With Clay Pot Glaze

I make mango syrup to add to this glaze.  When partnered with the Clay Pot it makes a nice caramelized glaze.

More Flour for Bannock

I picked more seeds from wild curly dock plants, blenderized them, and added ground oatmeal, chia and flax seeds, and coriander from the garden.  This flour is substantial, with buckwheat overtones.

Making Dandelion Coffee

Pick the largest roots possible, and clean them with a brush, soaking them until the water is clean.  Chop, in a food processor until the size of rice.
Dehydrate and roast the chopped roots in the oven.
Brew the coffee in a French Press for ease of preparation, let steep until dark brown, then serve with milk and sugar.  This is a nice brew, with a slight chocolate overtone.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Autumn Detritus From the Forest

Grilling and Baking in a Firepit

We used a Coghlan's Folding Stove for the rice curry, and a small flat tray for the fish over coals.

Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf

This smoked fish was stuffed with leeks and garlic, wrapped in banana leaf, and put over coals in the fire pit.  We cooked Bannock, zucchini, and curried veggies.

Brooks Memorial Park

We spent the afternoon here, practicing bushcraft skills...

Ruhiyyih and Adaryn

Autumn Gleanings - Bonnie's Garden

Bonnie's Garden - Just Tickled

Still Producing - Apples and Tomatoes

Just when I think the garden has produced enough, it produces more...

New Refrigerator

Just when I thought fall production was coming to an end our refridgerator died, and I had to remove six quarts of squash soup from the freezer.  I canned it in quart jars. We bought ice to hold everything safely until this refridgerator was delivered.  The milk was used to make yogurt and cheese, and the plastic storage bins from the old refridgerator were repurposed here, to hold breads, tortillas, and more summertime produce.

Summer Flowers in Ice Cubes

Come Thanksgiving, we'll be pouring Huckleberry-Apple Juice, Pear Nectar, and Green Grape-Apple Juice over these.

Hike to Avalanche Lake - Bonita and Bonnie

Herbal Tea for Colds-Flu

Autumn Sunlight

Kiwi-Pear-Green Grape Salad

Making Fruit Juice and Nectar

Washing grapes for processing into juice.

Huckleberries and green grapes.

Putting the fruit pulp through the seive.

Heating the fruit syrup for juice.

Dehydrating fruit pulp for fruit leather.

Apple-Huckleberry Juice; Pear Nectar; Green Grape-Apple Juice.

Curly Dock Flour