Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hike Up To Green Lake on Mt Rainier

George and I joined our sons Rue, Taraz, and Rahmat for an afternoon hike up to Green Lake on Mt Rainier.

The road up to the trailhead was washed out, so we had a 3-mile hike in, then the climb.

The Park maintenance crew had to clear the trail. Some of the Douglas Firs in this forest are over 800 years old.

We had a picnic at a stunning waterfall. Little water crystals floated in the air.

Taraz, resting after lunch.

We hiked up to Green Lake. Rue and Rahmat had a brief swim...the water was very cold.

I sat on a log, content to watch the guys enjoy their swim. In all, we hiked almost 10 miles that day, then I went over to water my garden.

Ruhiyyih and Matt arrived for dinner and I served steak and salad. Then, I stayed up until 10:00 preparing salads and food for George's lunchbox...always a weekend chore so he is set for Monday.


Dustin Strong said...

stunning photos! Cheers!

bubbie dear said...

While the Flathead Valley Community Band was giving their concert in Paris Gibson Park in Great Falls, I walked over to a big log cookie just like the one you photographed here. The slice of tree came from a tree at Seeley Lake and after counting the rings, it was determined that it was 829 years old. Just think, Columbus hadn't discovered America by then (though others were actually living here at the time!).

Anonymous said...

this looks like a great hike - I will suggest to Tim that we try it soon! We have been to Woodard Bay twice now, thanks to George's original suggestion.

Anonymous said...

oops - that was me above Bonita - I forgot I'm not on facebook so didn't sign my name!