Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I took only one photograph on our trip to California - this one.


bubbie dear said...

"One knows, now, that any real artist CHOOSES, without even knowing it, among all the things which life shows and brings, only what a secret correlation connects with his own nature. Objects are no longer solely a story, a thing passing in front of his eyes by chance; he watches out, he listens to a harmony, to a vibration, wherein he recognises himself, where often even he becomes clearer, and which, underlined, freed, brings to others the echo of what vibrates in his sensibility." ---a quote from a book I read on Vincent van Gogh

Sarah said...

I have to admit, you make me want to explore more of WA. I live in the Key Peninsula area in a small woodsy town and growing up I loved waking around the woods and exploring places. Now that I'm older I want to see more of the natural scenery here but I am often busy with school work.

Your blog really displays the beauty of the NW and nature. I am also impressed and inspired by your love of different cultures, beliefs, and love for cooking home cooked meals from scratch! I need to learn to do the same, lol.