Friday, November 02, 2012

Online Travel In My Down-time

I've been enjoying the dwellings of Turkey, the music and culture. I've also gone on a few 'Google Earth' street view excursions in my down-time.  Italy has been a favorite, but I'm looking forward to street views someday of many locations in Turkey, a place of such ancient history and culture. 

When the leaves fall in autumn, it is time to collect them, and pack them in the garden trenches for the winter. Once this is done, I will 'put the garden away' for the season, and hibernate in my kitchen...

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bubbie dear said...

What a beautiful assortment of photographs of food you've made in your kitchen! All those colors are in you now! Such work.

(We had millet pancakes for breakfast today...with lean bacon. Homemade carrot soup for lunch...with cornmeal muffins...and a red cabbage salad with yellow peppers & Pineapple in it. Dinner was creamed cod over mashed potatoes, home-grown green beans. And now I'm going to go have a chocolate piece!