Friday, December 25, 2009

Turkish Coffee and Chocolate Mocha Cookies

For a taste thrill on Christmas day I served Turkish Coffee and Chocolate Mocha Cookies. It was just George and I, since Matt and Ruhiyyih were gadding about visiting their friends and family.

I've been experimenting with Turkish coffee, and have found the process so interesting. It is an acquired skill, and one must pay attention to the temperature during the foaming process in order to get it right.

I know that milk is not part of Turkish coffee, but I love to make espresso foam, and have a little foam throughout the coffee. It cuts the sharp flavor.

One must wait a few minutes to let the grounds settle, then slurp the top off the brew, little by little.
Drunk this way, I can enjoy a miniature cup of espresso over many hours, chasing it with decaffeinated green tea throughout the day. One benefit is that it caused me to cut down on sugar - now I consume only one teaspoon of sugar a day, in my afternoon Turkish coffee.

Brewing the coffee is best done in a cezve (Turkish) or ibrik (Greek), a special small copper pot that is designed to diffuse the heat. I ordered one online; they come in different sizes depending on how many cups are made at one time. Mine is from Anatolya, Turkey, and makes two cups. All of the ornamentation is hand-done.

I also purchased two coffee cups for special occasions - these have an inner porcelain cup inside that can be removed for washing. The little cap on top keeps the coffee warm. I can just imagine someone out on the desert using covered cups, to keep sand out of the brew as it is being carried. In Turkey, the coffee pot can be served over a small bed of hot coals. The attendant brings the coffee almost to a boil for the guest, then pours it into cups. The guests linger and chat in the coffee house for hours, sipping the coffee all the while.

Greek coffee is
made in a similar way, but doesn't call for the cardamon, which I enjoy. Sugar is always optional, and milk is never used...again, I cheat, and use a little.

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Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I think you created a new coffee drink - Flitzy Phoebie Coffee - Turkish style with cream and sugar...and foam!:)

It was...interesting. Glad to try it, but I love my drip stuff...fair trade Ethiopian... (You should read up on an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony to go with your teff bread)