Sunday, January 22, 2006

Canoe Paddle On Mineral Lake - Washington

Mineral Lake is a mountain lake near Mt. Rainier. It is a fishing lake, with a tumbledown resort and old fishing cabins. Because the lake has so many underwater logs, power boats are discouraged. It is good for canoeing - about a 3 1/2 mile paddle all the way around.

The photos above were taken yesterday when the rain had cleared, and the sun was just getting ready to pop out. We started our paddle at 1:00, and finished at 3:00. We had very peaceful water, with no wind. I did a fair amount of paddling, and filming too. There were greebes and a couple dozen cormorants drying out on a log in the middle of the lake. George and I were the only ones out on the water. Note the moss on the tree limbs - a bit spookey, but fun to canoe under, if it doesn't pull out your hair.


Bonita said...

When I look at the colors of the photo, it looks like a cold day. What was the temperature?
Bubbie Dear | 01.22.06 - 12:30 pm | #


Bubbie Dear, I had just finished a hot espresso with cream and sugar when we started out - so I switched into a fleece coat rather than my down coat...the coffee triggers a lot of heat production. It was extremely overcast and cold - maybe about 37 degrees. I was filming away, and all of a sudden the coffee wore off, and I was cold! I paddled, off and on to stay warm, but it didn't help my arms, feet or hands. Fortunately the sun came out halfway through the paddle, and we really warmed up with that...but I made a big mistake hiking before the paddle. A two hour uphill hike made me hot, so I took off my coat, sweater, scarf and mittens. It rained only slightly, and that helped to cool me off - but, when I got back to the car, my turtleneck shirt was damp (not wet), and I realize I should have changed it before the paddle! So, here I am with a slightly damp shirt, then sweater, lifejacket and coat. Oddly, my core temperature on the paddle was great - it was my feet, hands and arms that were cold.(I wore raingear on my legs to keep my legs warm.)

Also, I waited until after the hike and paddle to have lunch - at 3:30! I just wasn't hungry...and that was not good planning. When we loaded up the canoe after the paddle, and headed into Elbe, we stopped at the local 'Scaleburger' joint, got home fries and great big burgers. They were soooo good, that I was glad I was truly hungry for a meal rather than spoil my appetite just munching...but that is not really the way to keep warm. I realize I was 'immediate energy depleted' even if I didn't feel hungry! Next time, I'll eat energy foods along the paddle, even if I'm not hungry - my extremities were talking to me and I wasn't listening. I've come to realize that my 'hunger mechanism' doesn't work very well - or, my body is talking and I'm engrossed in the scenery. So absorbed, I forget to eat.
Bonita | Homepage | 01.22.06 - 1:23 pm | #


One day when we hiked up to the Numa Ridge lookout in the Park, it started to drizzle and soaked my already damp tee shirt. When we got to the lookout, I quickly stripped off my wet shirt and put on a dry one. Then we all climbed up into the lookout to visit with the ranger on duty. (I have her all my fresh fruit!) I knew that if I didn't get out of wet cotton, I'd be shivering in no time. There's a reason they say, "cotton kills."
Bubbie Dear | 01.22.06 - 8:14 pm | #


Kate said...

Hi, I love your pic's of the lake. I have lived in the town of Mineral for 20 years now, and I love it. My kids and now my grand babies all enjoy Mineral Lake through out the summer. Any way just wanted to say hi, and I hope you come back often to canoe on our beautiful lake. I have paddled around it also a few times or so thru the years, we hunted bobbers hung up on the trees and along the shores. It was fun and so peacful..

I would also like to ask you if I may use your pics of the lake, on my personal web site I have for Mineral, and the Headquarters tavern. If it is ok, I will give you credit as the photographer... As I do not want to spam you with my link, I'll just wait for a reply back from you and if you would like the link I will give it to you. i would also add your link to my partners. This site is an extension to one of my main work websites. It is long established.
In the mean time have a great day, and I enjoyed reading your blog. Refreshing.. smile..
Kate aka Sweetblu

Bonita said...

Kate, thanks for stopping by Flitzy...feel free to use any of the Mineral Lake photos. I'm glad they are useful to you!