Sunday, January 22, 2006

Graffiti Colors On Forest Rocks

When people splash their inscriptions on the rocks along a road, do they know that within a few years it will be illegible? Moss and lichen will take up homesteading, and the rain and sun will spoil the best of comments...sorry folks, Mother Nature rules.


Bonita said...

"Mother Nature rules." Yep. Always. All we can do is learn to live within the rules.
GUYK | Homepage | 01.22.06 - 10:58 am | #


One day up in Glacier Park I stood beside a young boy who took his pop can and dropped it down into the beautiful clear pool of water below us. He was entrained on how long it took the can to sink. He was in that inquisitive mindset that is so dear in children. He raised his smiling face to mine and saw my silent look of utter astonishment. Thank goodness I was speechless. I hope he AND HIS MOTHER learned something that day about sharing the wild with others.
Bubbie Dear | 01.22.06 - 12:38 pm | #


I have to laugh, Bubbie Dear - yesterday we drove through an old, ugly parking lot up in the remote mountains. It had such an awlful look of desolation, and abandonment, that when I came across a water puddle with brown leaves soaking on the bottom, I just stopped and squatted down to look at them. Leaf stems were all reaching up, not matted down, and there was a little ripple of wind across the surface, making the patterns that moment I was extremely tempted to place a shiny coin on the belly of one of those leaves.
Bonita | Homepage | 01.22.06 - 12:59 pm | #


Ha! I remember one day Robyn and I were on our way down to the lake and since it was during spring melt, there was a litle stream of water going from the mail boxes all the way down to the lake. I put a leaf into this little rivulet and coaxed it along with a stick all the way down to the bottom of the hill. Quite a little journey.
Bubbie Dear | 01.22.06 - 8:21 pm | #

Anonymous said...

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